The Sage Brand Experience Development Process
Three phases, 13 steps to a successful brand experience

Phase I – Exploration and Research
  1. Structured interviews with key internal members of the organization concerning the essence/future of the organization, the brand and position in its market segment.
  2. Customer perception survey, Sage Soundings, conducted to determine customers’ perceptions of the organization, its services, brand and position in its market segment.
  3. Audit of current communications materials – internal and external.
  4. Competitive analysis to determine positioning, key differentiators, strengths/weaknesses, etc.. relative to the client.
Phase II – Brand Development
  1. Development of Results Analysis and Recommendations Report, including brand attributes, key differentiators, brand promise, positioning statement, etc.
  2. Presentation of report to client executive and/or director group. Solicitation of feedback.
  3. Creation of visual identity system and logo options based on research results and brand attributes.
  4. Selection of final logo and identity system.
  5. Development of Brand Standards Manual to guide logo usage going forward.
  6. Incorporation of logo and identity into all print, online materials and signage, incorporating recommendations based on audit of current communications materials. In many cases, our goal is to condense the amount of collateral material, emphasizing multi-use pieces.
  7. The Sage Group also advises the client, based on its initial research, how to incorporate the brand experience into all aspects of its culture and customer touch points including exterior and interior environments, etc.
Phase III – Brand/Identity Launch
  1. Development/implementation of marketing communications campaign to launch identity and brand, utilizing strategic public and media relations, i.e., press releases, article placements, launch events; targeted print and/or online ads, customer direct mail and/or email campaigns, etc.
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