What clients say about us:
I have worked with the Sage Group for nearly ten years and have found the company to be highly responsive, creative and thorough. Its investor relations experience and counsel were invaluable to me in my work as vice president of marketing for a publicly-held company. Most recently, I have used the Sage Group to develop extensive communications plans dealing with breaking information that needed to be communicated quickly, broadly and effectively. The complex subject matter proved no barrier for the Sage Group. Precise messaging was written, comprehensive internal and external communications plans were developed and deadlines were met thanks to not only the rigor with which they approached our requirements, but also their willingness to work through a holiday weekend to meet tight deadlines. Impressive too is the Sage Group's media relations capabilities; from media training to gaining local and national media contacts and placements, the Sage Group has never disappointed me.
Louise Sharer, Senior Vice President, Business Development
RSM McGladrey
The articles you wrote brought tears to my eyes. It's been a long time since I've read something so beautifully written, with real personality and sincerity. Thanks.
Marketing Director, global capital equipment manufacturer
I wanted to tell you how much we appreciate all the work you’re doing for us. We’re so impressed with your work – the quality of it – and your ideas. I’m looking at the article in the Business Journal. It’s a good article and I like it a lot. Thanks for the great job!
J. Scott Hutton, President, Drake Bank
Our company needed a fresh, new concept for our market planning. The Sage Group was the answer. They provided step-by-step strategies for developing our sales pitch, determining out target customers and creating our marketing materials. While I was dreading the creation of a new brochure, The Sage Group made it simple for me. The end product was exactly what we had envisioned: flexibility to market our versatile services, a creative design with engaging descriptions and more. I would recommend The Sage Group to any company looking for answers to their marketing planning.
Becky Lawrence, Vice President, El-Hy-Mec, DeJarlais Enterprises, Inc. 
I just read the annual report and I wanted you to know that I think it’s outstanding. Not only is it handsome and interesting, but in addition, I think it probably is the most informative – yet readable and understandable annual report I’ve seen for a long time.
Board member, manufacturer of high-density interconnect and semiconductor substrates
You said that The Sage Group would deliver turnkey event management, and you fulfilled every bit of that promise. Thank you for your hard work and intelligent design of the Upsize Growth Challenge. I liked so many things about the work you did, but want to mention a few standouts:
  1. The 50 percent-plus increase in registrations from last year! Need I say more?
  2. The stunning digital posters of the winners at the event. That provided a focal point and made the room look great.
  3. The voting to select the overall champion. It was simple, it got everybody buzzing and talking about the winners.
  4. The immediate reaction/solution when the online registration glitches came up. You spent loads of extra time on that problem, and covered our mistake so graciously. In short, you rock, and I appreciate everything you do. I look forward to more events, and that's definitely NOT something I was saying last year at this time!
Beth Ewen, Editor and Co-Founder, Upsize Minnesota Magazine
The road show was a success and the annual report is a great follow-on. Thanks so much for your continued help!
CEO, manufacturer of high-density interconnect and semiconductor substrates
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